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Tapadito is a free app which allows you to communicate with a client, patient or other professional contact without revealing your personal phone number.

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App Features

Tapadito is very easy to use. Simply create your free account on Tapadito.
Once you do so, the app assigns you your Tapadito ID and
you then communicate with your contacts via your Tapadito ID.

Easy to use

As noted above, Tapadito is very easy to use. Simply create accounts and use it. It is free and will always be free.

Completely Free

Tapadito is absolutely free to use and will always remain free to use. Also, you will never receive spam emails from Tapadito.


All communication on Tapadito is encrypted such that your conversations are safe, secure and private.


Many times, in our work lives, we need to communicate with a client but without giving him/her our personal phone number.


Tapadito has a blog inside where people can post items which they wish to share with all of the other users of the app.

Secure Communication

Tapadito allows you to communicate with others without having to give out your personal phone number.

Realtors, Doctors, Teachers and other professionals who wish to text with a contact.

Many professionals need to communicate with their clients but do not wish to give out their private mobile phone number. For example:

  • Doctors who need to communicate with patients.
  • Realtors who need to communicate with buyers or sellers.
  • Teachers who need to communicate with students or parents.
  • A young person meets someone on the Internet but does not yet wish to give out her number.

Tapadito allows all of the above - and many others - to feel the safety and peace of mind of a secure, comfortable way to communicate without revealing their personal phone numbers.

Text messages are now a mainstream activity

Americans send roughly 26 billion text messages daily (Business Insider).

The average person sends 15 text messages per day and 97% of smartphone owners text regularly (Pew Research Center).

76% of consumers report that they have received a text message from a business and 39% of businesses use some form of texting to communicate with their customers (State of Texting Report, 2019).

Texting: Demographics and Speed

Although Baby Boomers (56-74 y/o) are perhaps not as fast to adapt to texting, Gen Xers (40-55 y/o) and Millenials (30-40 y/o) are very comfortable with texting.

  • Millenials spend 3x more time texting rather than calling or emailing. (Adweek).
  • Text messaging is the #1 preferred communication method for Millenials.
  • by the end of 2018, 5.1 billion people around the world or, put another way,
          67% of the world's population
    were subscribed to mobile services (GMSA Intelligence)

The average response time to a text message is 60X faster (i.e. 6,000% faster) than the response time to an email (CTIA).

The average response time to a text message is only 90 seconds compared to the 1 1/2 hour average response time to an email (GSMA).

Will your contacts like it?

Sure, it is nice to have a great safe, secure and free app to communicate with your contacts, but:
Will they like it and use it?

Two thirds (66%) of incoming college students and their parents report that text messages giving them key information and/or reminding them of important dates is very helpful (University Business).

  • Colleges and Universities use text messages to communicate important information (UB).
  • 62% of home buyers prefer their realtor to send property info via text messages (NAR study).
  • 90% - 99% of text messages are viewed within minutes of receiving them (MobileSquared).


Many Tapadito users have shared with us the comfort, peace of mind, sense of safety and satisfaction they have experienced with Tapadito. Some of their stories are below:

Frequently Asked Questions

People often ask us questions about Tapadito.
Below are some of the more frequent questions as a means of helping others who may have similar questions.

  • Is it REALLY FREE? Is Tapadito totally free? No hidden charges?

    Yes. Tapadito is completely free for all to use. Absolutely no hidden charges anywhere.

    1. Download to your phone the free Tapadito app and create your free account.
    2. When you create your account, Tapadito issues you your Tapadito ID.
    3. Communicate your Tapadito ID to your contact(s).
    4. They download Tapadito to their phone and create their own free Tapadito account.
    5. In Tapadito, they look up your Tapadito ID and send you a text message.That's all there is to it.
    1. Verbally communicate to your contacts your Tapadito ID or
    2. You share your Tapadito ID when originally meeting the person i.e. on Facebook, etc. or
    3. You communicate your Tapadito ID in other ways (i.e. a mutual client or mutual friend informs them)
  • No. There is no limit to the number of messages that you can send and/or receive on Tapadito. Also, there no limit to the number of people who you can contact and communicate with on Tapadito.

  • The Blog inside Tapadito is there as a platform where Tapadito users can post articles and stories of interest to other Tapadito users. For example, a heartwarming story about how Tapadito allowed someone to finally get in contact with a long lost relative.

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We at Tapadito love to hear from our users. Please feel free to share your positive and (hopefully few) negative experiences using our service. Our goal is to be of service to others. If there is a way we can improve how we do it, please let us know.


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